• Lidding Films

  • Plastopil's expertise as an industry leader in developing thinner lidding films with superior performance is invested in our Toplex range of barrier flexible films. These high barrier films are ideally suited as lidding films on ready-made trays and as top webs on all thermoform-fill-seal (TFFS) lines. Our lidding films sophisticated lamination and co-extrusion techniques add an advanced barrier layer that maintains product freshness while optimizing its shelf-life. Versatile 7- and 11-layer lock or easy peel films incorporate advanced sealing layers with or without easy peel or anti-fog properties. Toplex sealing properties can be matched to different substrate types, including PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET and Aluminium. Our lidding films are supplied for food packaging, in most widths and can be printed for maximum sales appeal.

    Features and Benefits

  • Different barrier flexible film levels, including high, medium and low barrier, as well as highly permeable films.
    Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for optimal gas and moisture vapor transmission, product preservation and maximum food packaging shelf life.
  • Range of thicknesses, including some of the thinnest barrier flexible films on the case ready packaging market.
    Use only the film thickness necessary for the application (poultry packaging, cheese packaging, meat packaging, barrier packaging and other food packaging) to cut costs, lower eco packaging impact.
  • Wide variety of seal layers for locked or easy peel sealing to PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET and Aluminium. These easy peel films can be produced at different seal strengths for meat packaging, cheese packaging, poultry packaging and other food packaging, including case ready packaging.
    Seal properties of these barrier flexible films and easy peel films are tailored to fit tray type and end-user convenience.
  • These lidding films and barrier flexible films have excellent optical and anti-fog properties.
    Premium product presentation for these barrier flexible films .