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Stretch Wrapping Equipment

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We have a variety of equipment to meet your needs including semi-automatic, fully automatic and inline wrappers.

Pro Series

  • Heavy-duty, welded steel construction (no plastic panels) designed for long life
  • Variable turntable speed using 1/2 hp, 90 Vdc motor with ANSI 50 chain drive system, no rubber belts
  • Up to 12 RPM rotating table can deliver 25–40 loads per hour
  • Long-range photo eye for automatic load height sensing
  • Automatic top film over wrap control feature (TOC)
  • Adjustable top and bottom illuminated LED wrap counters
  • Cycle pause feature
  • Electronic film tension adjustment control on control panel
  • Manual jog control for turntable
  • Eco-friendly, durable, powder coating

Pro Elite

  • 5.7” Easy to Use Color HMI
  • Electronic Film Feed Drive
  • Automatic Load Height Sensing
  • 3 Wrap Modes
  • 10 Storable Load Recipes
  • Electronic Film Tension Control
  • Security Access to Machine Settings
  • 0 to 15 RPM Turntable Speeds
  • 0 to 21 RPM Carriage Speeds
  • 120 VAC
  • 4000 Lbs Load Capacity
  • Cycle Counter
  • Fault Indicator with Resolution Tips
  • 150% to 300% Pre Stretch Available
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