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Design is the Key to Cougar success

The one factor that enables Cougar to beat our competition is our design capability. Anyone can have good products and service, but design is different. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions to packaging problems. If we analyze the customer’s requirements and focus our attention on the objectives, we can find a solution that works. By works, we do not just mean that it will pass the shipping test. It must also be:

    • Cost effective
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Operationally efficient
    • Easy to use for personnel and end users
    • Compliant with regulatory agencies
    • Attractive and image conscious

Since our primary focus is design, we encourage our sales people to be active in the design process. In many cases, the salesperson will work hand in hand with the designer. This gives the salesperson a total understanding of the design and the ability to explain the design fully to our customer.

Testing the Design

With the completed design and sample, we recommend that testing be done at an independent testing facility. This allows us to stay out of the testing function and allows a lab that is certified to provide an unbiased report on the performance of the design. This independence is very important, as we want to make sure the design is evaluated fairly.

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