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Void Fill

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Foam Cushioning

Foam Cushion for Perfect Protective Packaging

Our Foam Cushions immediately enclose the products, thereby holding them firmly in place. It is almost impossible for the goods to migrate in the box. The polyurethane expands automatically and ensures that any voids are completely filled within the desired area. The foam padding provides a highly efficient padding effect.

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Feel the Benefits

  • Highly efficient: extremely impact-resistant, excellent padding effect
  • Superior foam quality: the same padding effect using up to 45% less material than alternative foam padding systems
  • Universal foam for easier protective packaging
  • Robust: even for sharp or very heavy items
  • Individual: when formed, fits perfectly around the contours of the product
  • Universal: protects items of almost any size, shape and weight
  • Versatile: can be used as void fill, to block & brace or cushion products
  • Space-saving: on-demand systems for minimum storage
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