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Why Air Pillows Are the Future of Shipping and Protection

Air pillows are inflatable packaging materials that protect fragile items during shipping and handling. They are typically made of plastic film and filled with air, creating a cushioning effect. They can also be easily customized to fit the specific shape and size of the product being packaged. These components are commonly used in various industries for their efficient packaging and shipping capabilities.

Join us in exploring the advantages of air pillows for shipping purposes!

Advantages of Air Pillows

The following advantages of air pillows for shipping make them a popular choice for businesses looking to protect their products while minimizing costs:

Adaptability to Temperature Changes

Unlike materials that may degrade or lose effectiveness in extreme temperatures, air pillows remain stable regardless of temperature fluctuations. Whether exposed to hot or cold conditions during transit, these pillows maintain their cushioning properties and protective capabilities. This adaptability ensures consistent protection for the packaged items, safeguarding them against potential damage.


Customizable air pillows offer businesses a unique opportunity to enhance their brand impression and customer engagement throughout shipping. By incorporating branding elements like logos, slogans, or promotional texts directly onto the pillows, companies can create a memorable experience. This branding reinforcement establishes a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness with customers.

Excellent Cushioning

Air pillows are designed to provide optimal protection for fragile items during shipping. The air-filled pockets within the pillows absorb shocks and impacts, effectively cushioning the packaged goods from external forces encountered during transit. This helps prevent damage such as breakage, scratching, or denting, ensuring that the products arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

Lightweight Nature

Unlike heavier packaging materials like foam or cardboard, air pillows add minimal weight to the package, translating to lower shipping costs. By using air pillows, businesses can save money on carrier expenses while still ensuring the safety of their products.


Air pillows come in various sizes and shapes, making them highly versatile for packing different products. Whether transporting small electronic devices, delicate glassware, or irregularly shaped items, they can be inflated to fit the product’s specific dimensions. This adaptability allows businesses to use air pillows for shipping different types of products.

Protection Against Static Electricity

Some air pillows are specially formulated with anti-static properties, making them ideal for shipping electronic components and devices. These anti-static materials effectively dissipate static electricity, preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could damage sensitive electronics. In addition, they are engineered to be non-reactive and non-corrosive.

Space Efficiency

Specialized air pillows can be inflated on demand, unlike pre-inflated packaging materials that take up valuable storage space. This capability reduces the storage area required for packaging materials, making it ideal for businesses with limited warehouse space. Additionally, deflated pillows can be stored flat, further maximizing storage efficiency.

International Shipping Compliance

Air pillows are designed to meet international shipping regulations and compliance standards, ensuring seamless transit across borders. Whether transporting domestically or internationally, companies could confidently use these materials, knowing that they comply with regulatory requirements. This minimizes the risk of delays, rejections, or fines at customs checkpoints.

Now Available in Compostable Material!

Air cushions made from Storopack’s AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable film represent an advancement in environmentally conscious packaging solutions. They are partly bio-based and compostable, aligning with the principles of bioplastics. Storopack has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable materials and practices by incorporating renewable starch into the film composition.

These air cushions, derived partly from organic sources, offer exceptional packaging characteristics. They effectively protect light to medium-weight products during transportation, ensuring the safe delivery of goods and reducing the reliance on traditional plastic packaging materials. Thus, they contribute to environmental preservation efforts.

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