Void-Fill Packaging Solutions

Needs-based flexibility.

Air Cushions for Packaging



The optimal protective packaging for sensitive products.

Featherweight and reliable shock resistance make Storopack’s AIRplus air pillows the optimal protective packaging for sensitive products. Produce a variety of pillow shapes as required, directly at the packing station to save valuable storage space. All AIRplus machine types can be integrated into existing packing processes, including in combination with automated packing lines and storage containers at the packing station. Prepackaged products can be blocked and braced in the carton with AIRplus Void with the large air cushions optimally filling the void. Choose from four different film types.

Smaller and medium-sized AIRplus Cushion and AIRplus Bubble air pillows are exceptionally flexible for cushioning, blocking and bracing or wrapping sensitive products. Innovative diamond-shaped structure makes AIRplus Wrap the ideal substitute for traditional bubble wrapping. Delicate products can be wrapped tightly with these air cushions for optimal protection. Two different film varieties enable tailored solutions: coextruded AIRplus CX film and antistatic AIRplus ESD film for protecting electronic components.



Ideal for small and medium-sized packaging needs.

Ideal for small and medium-sized packaging needs of 500 packages a day, AIRmove² offers a production output of approximately 10 meters of film per minute and is ready to go immediately, thanks to its quick-start function. Flexible display screen. Its replaceable cutting system and heat-sealing unit ensure that robust air pillows are ready for use at the press of a button. Easy film type and filling volume selection function. A 45-degree roll angle simplifies the film insertion and removal process and minimizes the amount of space required.

The machine can be operated with a hand-held button or foot pedal and, if necessary, installed on the wall. Three available film types — void, bubble and cushion — allow for the production of a variety of air cushion shapes to tailor the solution to any product.