Void-Fill Packaging Solutions

Needs-based flexibility.

Paper Padding


PAPERplus® Classic

The ideal paper cushioning system for heavyweight products.

The PAPERplus Classic paper cushioning system is the ideal protective packaging solution for heavyweight products. Paper pads and two-ply paper for secure blocking, bracing and all-around in-carton cushioning.

PAPERplus Classic provides robust and tear-resistant yet flexible and highly malleable paper cushioning at the press of a button. Choose between two paper types: PAPERplus Standard and PAPERplus GE, as well as recycled paper.

PaperPlus_Papillon vert

PAPERplus Papillon

Optimal protection for small and medium-sized shipping goods.

Thanks to its special patented shape, the PAPERplus Papillon system’s paper cushioning offers optimal protection for small and medium-sized shipping goods. Its large volume with low weight, softness and flexibility makes the system ideal for both void fill and product wrapping. Available in a variety of models. Simple to adapt to specific customer needs.

Three operating modes also simplify on-demand paper cushioning production directly at the packing station, while the paper cushioning system itself features a compact, space-saving design. When connected with a conveying system and a silo, a single PAPERplus Papillon can supply multiple packing stations with paper cushioning simultaneously. The special kraft paper used by the PAPERplus Papillon is available in both brown and white.


PAPERplus Shooter

Multilayer paper cushioning system at maximum speeds.

The PAPERplus Shooter transforms single-layer kraft paper into multilayer paper cushioning at maximum speeds for filling cartons and product blocking and bracing. Can produce up to 3.7 meters of paper cushioning in a single second. Available as a free-standing or tabletop model. Exceptionally easy to use — compact in size with adjustable height, rotating head and automatic cutting device. Speed can be infinitely adjusted as required. Customers can also easily integrate the PAPERplus Shooter into existing packing processes and produce paper cushioning directly at the packing station.