Custom Packaging Design Services

Design is where
we're different.

At Cougar Packaging, we take all performance factors into account when we design a solution. The objectives of our custom packaging design services are to make sure that your product arrives to your customer undamaged and to lower your costs.

Cost/Performance Factors:

Optimize weight to reduce shipping costs

Reduce size to minimize warehousing, shipping and logistics costs

Consider the packing process to increase speed to market and reduce labor

Factor in packing ergonomics to maximize labor productivity and minimize injuries

Design to reduce damage, striking the perfect balance between protection, size, weight and cost

Holistic solutions that include inventory management to reduce storage, handling and labor costs


Our Custom Package Designs Are:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Operationally Efficient
  • Easy to Pack and Use
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Compliant with Regulatory Standards
  • Attractive and Brand Conscious

Our Design Process


Listen & Learn

We listen first to understand every factor affecting performance and cost.


Design & Prototype

We apply the industry’s best design and engineering solutions to create a prototype that meets your needs.


Test & Confirm

If requested, we can test the design with an independent provider to confirm expected package performance.


Produce & Deliver

We finalize the design and price, then manufacture and deliver the finished packaging.