Void Fill

When it comes to shipping products to your customers, details are important. This includes using void fill to make sure the product arrives undamaged. As a provider of industrial packaging products, Cougar Packaging Solutions offers various void fill products that offer high levels of flexibility and product protection.

What is Void Fill?

Void fill is the paper, plastic, or foam material that is often found in shipping boxes. It is used to close up the empty space so the product won’t bounce around while in transit. By preventing the movement of a product, it is less likely to be damaged or broken during transport.

Void fill can be used for very light to very heavy products, not only can it fill voids inside your carton but can be used in a way to create cushioning as well. It can protect products from nicks and scratches so products can arrive looking brand new.
Does your package need Void Fill?
Not all products will need void fill. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating if void fill is needed for your application:

  • Are the products fragile? Some products are highly unlikely to break while in transit. Clothes, linens, and towels are examples of products that won’t need any type of void fill as a means of protection. Other items like electronics, bottles, or tools will likely require void fill so they can reach your customers undamaged.
  • Are your products consistent in shape, size, and weight? If your product line is diverse in shapes and sizes, then paper-based void fill is the optimal solution. This type of void fill can be easily crumbled and shaped, allowing it to work across entire product lines.
  • Is there a lot of empty space in the box? Empty space in the shipping box means the product will be able to move around during shipping and handling. Void fill can mitigate the risk of product damage by filling in any empty space to ensure the product is secure.
  • How much does your product weigh? Heavy products carry a unique risk if packaged with empty space. In addition to the product getting damaged, it may damage the packaging container itself. This can lead to lost products and unsatisfied customers. Void fill will help keep heavy products secure, reducing the risk of damaged shipping boxes.
  • What kind of unboxing experience do you want your customers to have? Unboxing has become an important part of the customer experience. Instead of bland packaging, some businesses want their customers to have a positive experience when opening their packages. Void fill can help achieve this, as it shows that care was put into packaging and delivering the item.

Advantages of Void Fill

Void fill offers a wide range of benefits for various packaging applications. Key advantages include:

  • Presentation. Shipping contents provide the first impression for the customer. Using void fill shows your customers that you care about the arrival condition of your products.
  • Cushioning. Void fill can be used to provide soft cushioning above and below the product. It can also be used to provide cushioning between multiple products in a single box.
  • Blocking and Bracing. “Blocking and bracing” is a term used when the void fill is used to hold items in place. This allows the product to stay in a specific location within the box while it is in transit.
  • Moldable Protection. For fragile items, it is important to prevent them from making contact with each other. These items should be wrapped individually to soften impacts.

Cougar Packaging Solutions offers void-fill products from industry leader Storopack as part of our protective void-fill packaging solutions. This is the right kind of flexibility — flexibility based on your needs. Browse what’s below for a sampling of our wide selection of paper, air, and foam void-fill products.

Types of Void Fill

Each product will have its own requirements for the best protective packaging solution. For this reason, Cougar Packaging Solutions provides additional solutions beyond paper-based void fill. We take a consultative approach with our clients and are eager to share our decades of experience to help you select the best protective packaging solution.

We offer the following protective packaging options:

  • Paper padding
  • Air cushions
  • Foam cushioning
Paper Padding

Paper Padding

Our paper padding is triple-layered to help protect products from dust, scratches, and nicks. Paper padding is also widely used by professional and DIY movers to help keep appliances and furniture safe from damage.

Our Paper Padding products include:

  • PAPERPLUS® CLASSIC. This cushioning system is ideal for heavyweight items. The paper pads are two-ply, which makes them an excellent choice for bracing and blocking as well as in-carton cushioning.
  • PAPERPLUS PAPILLON. This protective paper cushioning has a patented shape intended for small to medium-sized goods. It offers a large volume with low weight, allowing it to provide excellent protection while having a minimal effect on shipping costs. This product is soft and flexible, allowing it to adapt to different-sized goods.
  •  PAPERPLUS SHOOTER. This system transforms single-layer kraft paper into a multi-layer paper cushioning at incredibly fast speeds. It can produce 3.7 meters of paper cushioning in one second.
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Air Cushions

Air Cushions

Air cushions are plastic-based air pillows that are ideal for sensitive goods. Air cushions are commonly referred to as inflatables as they need to be filled with air during the kitting process. The plastic is stored flat and uninflated, which allows for better space management in a warehouse. While they work very well at providing protection, they are not as environmentally friendly nor as aesthetic. However, they are a great option for filling in extra space as well as blocking and bracing.

Our Air Cushions for Packaging include:

  • AIRPLUS. AIRplus air pillows are available in a variety of pillow shapes, and the system can be placed directly at the packaging station for optimal efficiency. It can be easily integrated into existing packaging stations, providing a seamless addition to your operations. Air pillows are available in four different film types.
  • AIRMOVE2. This system is ideal for high volumes of small and medium-sized packaging. It has a production output of about 10 meters of film per minute. It contains a quick start function, making it easy to maximize production.
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Foam Cushioning

Foam Cushioning

Foam cushioning is typically found inside the shipping box. This packaging solution is designed to avoid the transfer of shock and vibration to the protected item. Instead, foam cushioning will absorb the shocks and vibrations by crushing and deforming. Our polyurethane material will expand automatically, ensuring that all voids are entirely filled.

Learn more about our foam cushioning solutions here.

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Personalized Shipping Solutions from Cougar Packaging

Cougar Packaging Solutions is a leading provider of various packaging products, including void fill. With over 50 years of industry experience, we can work directly with our clients to help find the best packaging solutions for their products. We continuously diversify our capabilities to ensure we are providing the best products at competitive prices.

Our experts can help your company in designing a practical and efficient packaging station at your warehouses. To learn more about our void fill solutions, contact us today.