Void-Fill Packaging Solutions

Needs-based flexibility.

Cougar Packaging Solutions offers void-fill products from industry leader Storopack as part of our protective void-fill packaging solutions. This is the right kind of flexibility — flexibility based on your needs. Browse what’s below for a sampling of our wide selection of paper, air and foam void-fill products.

Paper Padding

Whatever the size, weight or packing speed, our selection of Storopack paper padding equipment will get the job done. Choose from PAPERplus® Classic, Papillion, Shooter lines and more.


Air Cushions

Storopack’s AIRplus® and AIRmove2 are just two of the many air cushion systems we offer, combining speed, ease of operation and flexibility to deliver high-quality lightweight protection for your product.

Foam Cushioning

Our foam padding solutions offer the Cougar Triple Advantage: great product selection, fast delivery worldwide and cost-effective, environmentally friendly technology.