Promet™ Elite Woven Paper: Proven Protection for High-Performance Metals

Cougar is a major provider of Promet woven protective paper — for customers shipping flat prepainted metal products for applications such as steel roofing and siding.

Promet is a unique kraft paper-poly laminated sheet with extreme tear strength and puncture resistance, designed specifically for protecting flat sheet and rolled steel against abrasion, humidity, and temperature fluctuations during shipping.

This lightweight material offers advanced volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI), moisture, and UV protection for a wide range of metal product applications, from automotive to construction and more.


  • Widths up to 144″/3.66m
  • Flexible material for ease of packaging and pliability down to -40°C
  • Ultraviolet stabilizing additives in all three layers: surface coat, the high-strength inner fabric, and underside kraft material
  • Evenly spaced reinforcing tapes for flat uniform surface with no gaps between tapes, eliminating zebra pattern effects
  • White topcoat with kraft laminate provides superior opacity and reduces internal heat buildup and condensation
  • Print-friendly topcoat to support brand impact and quality impression — high titanium dioxide content in the top surface coating provides a clean white surface for sharper graphics; the unique polyolefin-blended topcoat surface promotes a strong ink bond