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  1. Why Air Pillows Are the Future of Shipping and Protection

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    Air pillows are inflatable packaging materials that protect fragile items during shipping and handling. They are typically made of plastic film and filled with air, creating a cushioning effect. They can also be easily customized to fit the specific shape and size of the product being packaged. These components are commonly used in various industries for their efficient packaging and shipping capabilities.

    Join us in exploring the advantages of air pillows for shipping purposes!

    Advantages of Air Pillows

    The following advantages of air pillows for shipping make them a popular choice for businesses looking to protect their products while minimizing costs:

    Adaptability to Temperature Changes

    Unlike materials that may degrade or lose effectiveness in extreme temperatures, air pillows remain stable regardless of temperature fluctuations. Whether exposed to hot or cold conditions during transit, these pillows maintain their cushioning properties and protective capabilities. This adaptability ensures consistent protection for the packaged items, safeguarding them against potential damage.


    Customizable air pillows offer businesses a unique opportunity to enhance their brand impression and customer engagement throughout shipping. By incorporating branding elements like logos, slogans, or promotional texts directly onto the pillows, companies can create a memorable experience. This branding reinforcement establishes a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness with customers.

    Excellent Cushioning

    Air pillows are designed to provide optimal protection for fragile items during shipping. The air-filled pockets within the pillows absorb shocks and impacts, effectively cushioning the packaged goods from external forces encountered during transit. This helps prevent damage such as breakage, scratching, or denting, ensuring that the products arrive at their destination in pristine condition.

    Lightweight Nature

    Unlike heavier packaging materials like foam or cardboard, air pillows add minimal weight to the package, translating to lower shipping costs. By using air pillows, businesses can save money on carrier expenses while still ensuring the safety of their products.


    Air pillows come in various sizes and shapes, making them highly versatile for packing different products. Whether transporting small electronic devices, delicate glassware, or irregularly shaped items, they can be inflated to fit the product’s specific dimensions. This adaptability allows businesses to use air pillows for shipping different types of products.

    Protection Against Static Electricity

    Some air pillows are specially formulated with anti-static properties, making them ideal for shipping electronic components and devices. These anti-static materials effectively dissipate static electricity, preventing electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could damage sensitive electronics. In addition, they are engineered to be non-reactive and non-corrosive.

    Space Efficiency

    Specialized air pillows can be inflated on demand, unlike pre-inflated packaging materials that take up valuable storage space. This capability reduces the storage area required for packaging materials, making it ideal for businesses with limited warehouse space. Additionally, deflated pillows can be stored flat, further maximizing storage efficiency.

    International Shipping Compliance

    Air pillows are designed to meet international shipping regulations and compliance standards, ensuring seamless transit across borders. Whether transporting domestically or internationally, companies could confidently use these materials, knowing that they comply with regulatory requirements. This minimizes the risk of delays, rejections, or fines at customs checkpoints.

    Now Available in Compostable Material!

    Air cushions made from Storopack’s AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable film represent an advancement in environmentally conscious packaging solutions. They are partly bio-based and compostable, aligning with the principles of bioplastics. Storopack has demonstrated a commitment to sustainable materials and practices by incorporating renewable starch into the film composition.

    These air cushions, derived partly from organic sources, offer exceptional packaging characteristics. They effectively protect light to medium-weight products during transportation, ensuring the safe delivery of goods and reducing the reliance on traditional plastic packaging materials. Thus, they contribute to environmental preservation efforts.

    Partner With Cougar Packaging Solutions for Reliable Services

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we provide top-of-the-line air pillow solutions tailored to your shipping needs! Our team is dedicated to delivering quality products that offer unparalleled protection for your valuable goods during transit. With our innovative designs and customizable options, we ensure that your products arrive at their destination safely and securely.

    Contact us today to get started!

  2. Embracing Sustainability: How Eco-Friendly Packaging Is Changing the Game

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    In today’s business landscape, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it is a necessity. With increasing awareness of environmental issues and heightened consumer expectations, companies are compelled to integrate sustainable practices into their operations. One significant area of focus is packaging. Eco-friendly packaging uses materials like sustainable void fill and practices that minimize environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

    This article explores the role of sustainability in packaging, covering eco-friendly materials and practices, their impact on businesses, and future industry trends.

    The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

    Implementing green packaging promotes long-term ecological responsibility. This approach reduces waste by utilizing compostable, recyclable, or reusable materials, decreasing the amount of packaging in landfills.

    Sustainable packaging also conserves resources and lowers carbon footprints. It requires less energy and water to produce, saving natural resources. Moreover, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helping combat climate change and promote global sustainability.

    Modern sustainable packaging practices encompass a range of strategies. One prevalent approach involves using post consumer recycled materials, which divert waste from landfills and reduce the need for virgin resources. Additionally, minimizing packaging by using only what is necessary to protect the product helps reduce material usage and waste.

    Opting for recycled or compostable materials further enhances sustainability by ensuring natural breakdown at the end of the packaging’s lifecycle. Businesses also experiment with efficient packaging designs like stackable or collapsible options to reduce material usage and optimize transportation and storage space.

    Types of Eco-Friendly Materials

    Several materials are leading the charge in sustainable packaging, including:

    • Sustainable void fill: This material fills out empty spaces in packages to prevent items from shifting or being damaged during transit or storage. Options include recycled paper, compostable air pillows, and starch-based peanuts.
    • Recycled paper and cardboard: These materials are widely used for their recyclability. They offer a versatile and sturdy option for packaging needs.
    • Bioplastics: Derived from renewable biomass sources such as corn starch, bioplastics are designed to decompose more easily than traditional plastics.

    Plant-based packaging: Materials like mushroom packaging and seaweed-based materials are innovative solutions that provide effective protection while being completely compostable.

    Business Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Beyond environmental protection, businesses that embrace eco-friendly packaging can reap numerous benefits, including:

    • Cost savings: Although the initial investment in sustainable materials can be higher, the long-term savings from reduced waste and potential tax incentives make it worthwhile.
    • Enhanced brand image: Consumers increasingly favor brands that are committed to sustainability. Green packaging can significantly boost a company’s image and customer loyalty.
    • Regulatory compliance: With governments implementing stricter environmental regulations, sustainable packaging can help businesses stay compliant and avoid fines.
    • Market differentiation: Eco-friendly packaging can set a business apart from competitors, attracting environmentally-conscious consumers and opening up new market opportunities.

    Future Trends in Sustainable Packaging Solutions

    The packaging industry is experiencing significant innovations and solutions aimed at reducing environmental impact. These include:

    1. Smart Packaging

    The integration of technology into packaging solutions enhances sustainability and consumer engagement. Features like QR codes or RFID tags enable consumers to access information about the product’s environmental footprint, recycling instructions, and more. This empowers consumers to make informed choices while promoting transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

    2. Edible Packaging

    Edible packaging — made from natural ingredients such as seaweed, rice paper, or potato starch — is an emerging trend that eliminates waste. These materials are safe to consume and can serve as both packaging and a part of the product itself. While currently more common in the food industry, innovations are ongoing to expand edible packaging to other sectors.

    3. Advanced Recycling Techniques

    Technological innovations enable the recycling of previously difficult materials, such as mixed plastics. For instance, chemical recycling breaks down plastics into their original monomers, allowing them to be reused to produce new plastics without degrading quality. This helps manage waste and reduce the reliance on new materials.

    Get Sustainable Void Fill and Premium Industrial Packaging at Cougar Packaging Solutions

    As industry leaders, we offer sustainable void fill options from trusted brands like Storopack, ensuring your shipments are protected with the highest quality materials. You can browse our array of paper, air, and foam void-fill products to find the perfect fit for your packaging requirements. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of packaging solutions to meet all your needs, including protective wraps, corrugated products, edge protectors, and packing equipment.

    Contact us today, and let us help you take the first step towards greener, more efficient packaging!

  3. Mastering the Art of Void Fill for Efficient Packaging

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    A void fill is a material used in packaging to fill empty spaces within boxes or containers. It optimizes space within the packaging and prevents items from shifting during transit. This reduces the risk of crushed or broken items due to excessive movement and protects them from damage. As a result, it contributes to cost savings by minimizing the need for replacement due to damaged goods.

    This article will discuss the types of void fill materials and best practices to ensure optimal protection and efficiency in packaging operations.

    Types of Void Fill Materials

    The following types of materials offer a diverse range of options to accommodate varying packaging needs:

    Air Pillows

    Air pillows are composed of thin, inflated plastic film. They can be inflated on-demand using specialized equipment, allowing businesses to customize the void fill needed for each package. They provide exceptional protection against shock and vibration and can conform to the product’s shape.

    Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap is a widely used material characterized by its small air-filled bubbles sandwiched between layers of plastic film. Its primary function is to provide cushioning and shock absorption, effectively protecting fragile items from damage during transit. It comes in various sizes and thicknesses to handle and accommodate different packaging needs.

    Foam Sheets or Rolls

    Foam sheets or rolls are dense and sturdy materials commonly used to protect delicate or high-value items during shipping. They offer superior cushioning and shock absorption, effectively reducing the risk of damage from impacts and vibrations during transit. They can be cut to size to fit specific packaging requirements, which provides a tailored solution for each product.

    Packing Peanuts

    Packing peanuts are small foam or biodegradable starch-based pieces that fill empty spaces within the packaging. They serve as cushioning material, providing a protective layer around products to minimize the impact of external forces during transportation. They are also lightweight, which reduces shipping costs, and they can conform to the shape of the packaged item.


    Paper Pads are a classic option popular for its eco-friendliness and biodegradability. It offers moderate cushioning and protection for packaged items while minimizing environmental impact. While it may not provide as much shock absorption as other materials, paper is a good option for businesses prioritizing sustainability.

    Best Practices in Choosing the Right Void Filler

    The following practices can help businesses make informed decisions when choosing a void filler:

    Evaluate Product Fragility

    Fragile items may require more cushioning to protect against impacts and vibrations during transit. Therefore, businesses must consider factors like weight, shape, and susceptibility to damage when choosing a void fill material.

    Consider Environmental Impact

    Businesses increasingly prioritize sustainability in their packaging practices. When selecting void fillers, consider environmentally friendly and easily recyclable options. For instance, opt for biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled paper, or air pillows made with post consumer recycled content.

    Balance Cost and Effectiveness

    Evaluate the balance between cost-effectiveness and the level of protection provided. Some materials may be more expensive upfront but deliver superior cushioning and void fill capability. This potentially reduces costs associated with damaged goods in the long run.

    Assess Storage and Handling Requirements

    Consider the storage space and handling requirements of various materials. For example, pre-inflated air pillows may require less storage space than bulky materials like foam rolls. Additionally, assess the ease of handling and the convenience of dispensing the material during packaging to optimize efficiency.

    Test and Iterate

    Thoroughly test and evaluate different materials to determine their effectiveness in protecting products during transit. Monitor feedback from customers and shipping carriers to identify areas for improvement and iterate on packaging solutions accordingly.

    Choose Cougar Packaging Solutions Today!

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we offer extensive services designed to meet your packaging needs. Our offerings include customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection and presentation of your products during transit. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, striving to exceed expectations at every process step.

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  4. Why Pallet Cones Are an Essential Industrial Packaging Solution

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    Pallet cones are specialized components securely fastened to the top of pallets using durable straps or adhesive tape. Their primary purpose is to prevent overstacking items on a pallet, ensuring that freight orders adhere to weight and space limitations. This practice keeps the integrity of the shipments and contributes to safer handling and more efficient storage within warehouses and during transit.

    Advantages of Pallet Cones

    Pallet cones offer the following benefits in industrial settings:

    Damage Prevention From Double Stacking

    Double stacking can exert excessive pressure on the lower items, causing deformation, breakage, or other forms of damage. Pallet cones act as a protective barrier, clearly communicating that additional items should not be stacked on top. This visual warning helps maintain the integrity and quality of the goods throughout the supply chain.

    In addition, damaged products because of double stacking can result in financial losses for businesses. Replacing or repairing these items incurs additional costs; in some cases, the entire shipment may be compromised. Fortunately, the cones are a cost-effective preventive measure that minimizes the risk of damage and the associated financial implications.

    High Visibility Warning

    The bold red and white print is designed to catch the eye instantly. This immediate recognition is vital in fast-paced warehouse environments where efficiency is paramount. Workers, forklift operators, and other personnel can quickly identify the cones, ensuring that stacking instructions are noticed and followed without delay.

    Clear and visible warnings are essential for safety in busy warehouses with multiple activities and movements. The cones’ high visibility reduces the risk of accidents by drawing attention to the prohibition of double stacking. This is especially important in preventing mishaps when heavy loads are improperly stacked or balanced.

    Quick and Secure Attachment

    Pallet cones are engineered with pre-cut slots and edge tabs, which simplify attaching them to pallets or products. This efficiency is crucial in fast-paced environments where time is of the essence. Workers can quickly secure the cones, reducing downtime and running operations smoothly.

    Stability on Uneven Surfaces

    Pallets are sometimes placed on uneven surfaces, leading to stability issues during handling, storage, or transportation. These surfaces may cause the pallet to tilt or shift, increasing the risk of accidents, product damage, and even worker injuries. The cones mitigate these risks by providing a level and stable platform for stacking additional items.

    Space Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness

    Pallet cones are typically constructed from special cardboard and are supplied in a flat or disassembled form. This design significantly reduces the storage space requirements compared to traditional pallet accessories or protective materials. Warehouses and distribution centers often contend with limited space, and these cones help optimize the areas by minimizing the space they occupy when not in use.

    Moreover, they are not single-use items. They can be reused multiple times, contributing to cost savings and resource efficiency. When they eventually reach the end of their lifecycle, these cones are recyclable, which aligns with sustainability objectives. Using cardboard, a renewable and recyclable material, further enhances their eco-friendly profile.

    Choose Cougar Packaging Solutions for Top-Notch Services

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional packaging products and services! We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to recommend the most effective and efficient solutions for your business. We can provide outstanding results whether you require custom designs or innovative approaches.

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  5. What To Look For in Void Fill Packaging

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    In supply chain management and logistics, packaging is one of the key components to ensure the safe delivery of products. It protects the goods from damage during transportation and is vital in keeping the product presentable to customers.

    There are two main types of packaging: protective packaging and void fill packaging. Protective packaging safeguards the product from external factors such as impact, vibration, and compression. Conversely, void fill packaging occupies empty spaces in parcels to prevent product movement during transportation.

    Here are the 8 factors to consider when choosing the right void fill packaging for your items:

    1. Compatible Material Properties

    Common void fill materials include air pillows, foam peanuts, and paper padding. When evaluating the performance of each, it’s important to consider cushioning, resilience, and durability. The ideal void fill material should provide adequate padding to protect the product and have good stability to maintain its shape even after multiple impacts. Additionally, it should be able to withstand the rigors of the shipping process.

    2. Effective Prevention of Product Shifting

    It is important to evaluate whether the void fill material effectively reduces movement and keeps the product in place during transit. Conducting drop, vibration, and compression tests on the chosen void fill is important to guarantee this aspect.

    3. Low Environmental Impact and Sustainable Lifecycle

    Many businesses are transitioning to sustainable, eco-friendly void fill solutions that minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint. To do so, consider their lifecycle assessment raw material extraction, production, transportation, usage, and disposal phases. Opt for materials that are recyclable, contain PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) content, or made from renewable resources to minimize environmental impact.

    4. Cost-Effectiveness

    Pricing is always a critical factor in any business decision, and choosing the right packaging is no exception. Conducting a cost-benefit analysis can help businesses determine the most cost-effective solution for achieving the desired level of product protection. Factors to consider include material, shipping, and labor costs. You must also take into account the potential expenses of damaged goods resulting from an inadequate void fill.

    5. Optimal Space Utilization

    Its important to maximize storage and transportation capacity in supply chain management and logistics. Hence, void fill solutions should be evaluated based on their ability to optimize space within the package while providing the necessary padding. For instance, consider lightweight and easy storage materials like air pillows or expandable foam.

    6. Versatile Customization and Branding

    Branding and customization significantly enhance customer experience and brand perception. Packaging materials that offer customization options, such as printed logos or branded colors, can allow businesses to create a unique unboxing experience for their customers.

    7. Flexible Material Engineering

    Certain products may have specific requirements due to their fragility, weight, or shape. Choosing void fill options engineered to meet these particular needs is essential in such cases. For example, naturally antistatic void fill materials can be used for electronic products, while food-grade materials are necessary for perishable items. Consult with packaging experts to determine the most suitable material for your product requirements.

    8. Compliance With Regulatory and Industry Standards

    Lastly, ensure that the chosen packaging materials follow relevant regulatory requirements. This may include compliance with food safety regulations, hazardous material handling guidelines, or international shipping restrictions. By adhering to these standards, businesses can avoid potential legal issues, fines, and damage to their reputation.

    Discover the Perfect Void Fill Packaging With Cougar Packaging Solutions

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we prioritize safe and efficient product delivery by providing you with the ideal void fill packaging. Our experts will help you meet your needs while optimizing costs, space, and sustainability. We offer various customizable, eco-friendly void fill materials tailored to numerous requirements.

    Contact us today to discuss your void fill packaging needs.

  6. Storopack AIRplus® Applications

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    Ensuring that delicate and sensitive products arrive at their destination in pristine condition can pose a significant challenge for businesses involved in shipping. Traditional packaging materials — such as foam, bubble wrap, and peanuts — can be bulky, expensive, and often not environmentally friendly.

    Fortunately, Storopack AIRplus® provides a lightweight and reliable protective packaging solution that offers superior protection for a wide range of products. This article will delve into the various applications of Storopack AIRplus® and examine how it can benefit businesses across different industries.

    Industry Specific Applications

    Here are some of the applications of Storopack AIRplus® in different industries:

    1. E-Commerce

    As online shopping continues gaining traction, e-commerce companies seek reliable, cost-effective packaging solutions. Storopack AIRplus® air pillows protect delicate electronics, glassware, ceramics, and more.

    2. Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

    Storopack AIRplus® can provide superior protection for delicate medical equipment and supplies during transit with its reliable shock resistance and customizable pillow shapes. Additionally, they can fill empty spaces in packages, preventing items from shifting or getting damaged.

    3. Food and Beverages

    Food and beverage products require specialized packaging to protect against contamination and damage during shipping. Storopack AIRplus® air pillows are made from materials suitable for consumption, ensuring they do not contaminate the products they preserve.

    4. Electronics

    Storopack AIRplus® provides cushioning and shock absorption to protect delicate electronic components during shipping. Furthermore, the AIRplus® pillow film machine can produce various pillow shapes, making it ideal for packaging multiple shapes and sizes of electronic products and appliances.

    5. Retail

    Storopack AIRplus® offers flexibility in design and shape to fit any product, reducing the need for multiple packaging materials. Additionally, it can reduce the overall weight of packages, reducing shipping costs.

    6. Automotive

    The automotive industry requires durable and robust packaging to protect its heavy and bulky components during shipping. Storopack AIRplus® gives excellent cushioning, shock resistance, and protection against scratches and other damages.

    How To Integrate Storopack AIRplus® Into Your Packing Process

    Introducing Storopack AIRplus® into your packing process is easy and can benefit your business. Here are some steps to help you get started:

    Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Packing Process

    The first step in integrating Storopack AIRplus® air pillows into your packing process is to evaluate your current process. Next, identify the areas where the air pillows can be combined to improve your efficiency and product protection.

    Step 2: Choose the Appropriate AIRplus® Machine Type

    Storopack offers various machine types for different packaging needs, such as the AIRplus® GTI, AIRplus® Mini, AIRplus® Wrap, and more.

    Step 3: Install the AIRplus® Machine

    Ensure the machine is properly installed and connected to a power source. You must also check that the air pillow film is loaded correctly. This will help prevent downtime and ensure a consistent and reliable packaging process.

    Step 4: Train Your Staff

    Educate your workers or staff on how to operate the machine, load the film, and troubleshoot common issues that may arise. This reduces the learning curve and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your packing process.

    Step 5: Enjoy the Benefits of Storopack AIRplus®

    After integrating it into your packing process and training your staff, you can now enjoy the solution’s benefits!

    Cougar Packaging Solutions: Your Reliable Partner for All Your Packaging Needs

    Cougar Packaging Solutions is committed to providing top-quality industrial package design and products that will lower your costs and help build your brand. With a broad array of capabilities, we offer single-source convenience, efficiency, and accountability. In addition, our team is dedicated to providing excellent service and expertise to ensure that your packaging needs are met.

    As part of our commitment to excellence, we proudly offer Storopack AIRplus® as one of our premier packaging solutions. Trust us to help you streamline your packaging process and safeguard your products during transit!

    Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

  7. Key Considerations in Custom Packaging Designs

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    Product packaging goes beyond being a mere container for a product; it can shape consumer perception, differentiate a product from competitors, and enhance customer experience. Thus, it plays a crucial role in the overall success of a product.

    Often, packaging is the first point of contact for consumers, providing them with important product information. Hence, the right packaging can capture attention, convey brand messaging, and influence purchasing decisions. Well-designed packaging can create a sense of trust, showcase the product’s value, and ultimately drive sales and brand loyalty.

    This blog will help you maximize product appeal by mastering key considerations for custom packaging designs that complement the product and captivate your target audience.

    1. Consistency With the Product

    Consistency with the product is essential for businesses to maintain a strong brand presence. This involves three key aspects:

    1. Design and branding: Align marketing materials with the product’s design elements to create a unified and recognizable brand identity.
    2. Features and benefits: Consistently highlight the product’s unique selling points and advantages to make the product stand out.
    3. Target audience: Tailor messaging and advertisingto resonate with the preferences and values of the target audience.

    2. Functionality and Practicality

    Create user-friendly packaging with features like easy opening mechanisms and clear instructions. Moreover, choose materials that offer sufficient protection to ensure the product reaches customers in optimal condition. To enhance usability, you may even incorporate convenient features, such as resealable options or portion control mechanisms. This will differentiate your brand and leave a positive impression on consumers.

    3. Visual Appeal and Aesthetics

    One way to stand out from competitors is by incorporating unique visual elements. For instance, you can effectively communicate the product’s message using colors, typography, and imagery. These can helpyou can engage consumers, create a positive perception of your product, and increase its chances of being picked from the shelf.

    4. Branding and Messaging

    Consistency in branding across various product variations unifies the brand’s presence and enhances its impact. In particular, emphasize the brand’s logo, name, and tagline for instant recognition and better recall. Moreover, you can explore ways to communicate the product’s exceptional value proposition with clarity and conviction, captivating and informing consumers effectively.

    5. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

    Your brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility through impactful messaging and visual cues can attract eco-conscious consumers. Thus, embrace eco-friendly materials, prioritize waste reduction, and encourage recyclability.

    6. Practical Considerations

    Businesses can attain efficient, practical product packaging through cost-effective designs and optimized sizes for transport and storage. Additionally, adhering to regulatory compliance and safety standards is crucial. Considering these will make your brand reduce costs, minimize waste, and enhance customer satisfaction with their products.

    7. Consumer Experience

    Create a remarkable customer experience through product packaging. For example, you can enhance the unboxing process with thoughtful design elements. Moreover, consider including clear and informative product labels and instructions. By prioritizing these elements, you can leave a lasting impression, foster satisfaction, and build strong customer relationships.

    Elevate Your Product Packaging With Cougar Packaging Solutions

    Are you ready to take your product packaging to the next level? At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we emphasize custom packaging designs to complement your product and engage your target audience. Whether you need eco-friendly materials or user-friendly features, we’ve got you covered!

    Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional products and services that align with your brand’s values and goals. Our 50 years of industrial packaging experience have also allowed us to acquire deep and broad problem-solving expertise to deliver excellent, cost-effective packaging solutions.

    Contact us today to learn how we can help you elevate your product packaging and be a total stand-out!

  8. How To Choose the Right Void Fill

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    Void fill is an essential part of the packaging process for any business and company that ships products. It acts as a cushion to fill the void space ,preventing the item from moving around during shipping. It is also available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. These include air pillows, paper, foam, and bubble wrap.

    Leaving space inside a package can be risky since it can cause products to collide with the container, resulting in potential damage. That is why choosing the right type of packaging filler material that can cushion and secure the product is important. In this article, we will present key factors to consider when selecting the right type of void fill for your application.

    Factors To Consider During the Void Fill Selection

    Selecting inappropriate filler material can have serious consequences, potentially resulting in damage or loss of products during transit. If it also does not provide adequate protection or is incompatible with the product, it can lead to shifting, jostling, or even breakage. Here are several key factors to consider when selecting the right material to avoid shipping problems:

    Cushioning Capabilities

    The primary purpose of cushioning is to absorb shocks and impacts that may occur during shipping. Therefore, when choosing packaging filler materials, it is essential to consider the product’s weight, fragility, shape, shipping method, and duration. For example, lightweight products may require less cushioning, while heavier and more fragile items may need more cushioning to prevent damage.

    Several cushioning materials are available, such as bubble wrap, foam, paper, and air pillows. The choice usually depends on the product’s specific needs and shipping conditions. The amount of cushioning is also crucial. Over-cushioning can increase the cost and environmental impact, while under-cushioning can put the product at risk of damage.

    Presentation Qualities

    Presentation is an important factor to consider, particularly if the product’s aesthetic appearance is critical. For instance, when shipping a high-end luxury item, the appearance of the filling material should be considered to preserve the product’s value.

    Some materials like shredded paper or newspaper can make the packaging look untidy or unprofessional. Meanwhile, decorative air pillows can enhance the presentation of the product and provide a more visually appealing unboxing experience for the customer. Additionally, the right void fill should be easy to install and apply to expedite the packaging time.

    Blocking and Bracing Efficiencies

    Preventing products from moving inside the packaging is the primary objective of blocking and bracing. Therefore, it is crucial to balance providing adequate blocking and bracing to ensure protection and minimize excess material. Achieving this balance involves considering the weight and shape of the product being shipped. For instance, fragile items require more rigid blocking and bracing materials such as foam blocks or molded pulp.

    Protection Capabilities

    Void fills have varying protection capabilities, depending on their composition and density. For instance, foam inserts, air pillows, and bubble wraps effectively cushion delicate and fragile items. Conversely, paper fillers are suitable for lighter and less fragile products.

    Ensuring that the filler materials are compatible with the product is also essential. Some materials may chemically react with certain products, which can cause damage or degradation over time. Therefore, it is advised to check the compatibility to avoid reactions that may affect the product’s quality or integrity.


    It is crucial to find the right balance between cost and performance. While opting for the cheapest option available may be tempting, this can lead to inadequate protection and potential product damage. Businesses can also reduce costs by purchasing them in bulk or exploring sustainable and eco-friendly options.

    Trust Cougar Packaging Solutions for Your Packaging Needs!

    With over 50 years of experience, Cougar Packaging Solutions offers high-quality industrial packaging solutions, products, services, and supplies! We have established successful partnerships by delivering our customers cost-effective, high-performance solutions. Moreover, our team’s extensive problem-solving expertise enables us to provide innovative and customized products and services.

    Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities. Trust us to be your go-to partner for all your industrial packaging requirements!

  9. Recycled and Recyclable Products

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    Packaging materials like plastic are prominently used in many industries to wrap and protect products for distribution, storage, and shipping. However, these materials make up a significant portion of municipal solid waste, equalling 82.2 million tons of generation in 2018.

    Because of consumer pressure to address the danger that packaging materials cause the environment, the demand for eco-friendly materials has boomed. This pursuit of sustainability paved the way for using recycled and recyclable packaging materials.

    Cougar Packaging Solutions is your one-stop shop for environmentally-friendly packaging needs. We deliver a broad scope of products, from corrugated boxes to compostable fillers, created from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials.

    PCR Resins and Its Advantages

    A substance from recycled plastic, such as beverage bottles, is called post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin. It offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to the virgin plastic resin typically used to create packaging materials, including sheets, containers, and packaging films.

    PCR resins are excellent for almost every packaging purpose since they adhere to standards and regulations for food, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, and general retail packaging. Its advantages include the following:

    • Reduces the quantity of plastic dumped in landfills (4,800 16-ounce plastic bottles equal about a cubic yard of landfill space)
    • Decreases carbon footprint (traditional plastics production produces nearly 900 million tons of carbon dioxide each year)
    • Decreases the need for non-renewable petroleum products to make new polymers
    • Reduces the energy required to create new plastics (recycling a pound of PET plastic instead of creating new can save up to 12,000 BTUs)
    • Promotes a company’s sustainability goals and visions

    Importance of Using Recycled and Recyclable Products

    Plastics are the most common packaging materials used in many industries. Because of their durability and flexibility, they can store food, cover clothes, and carry other products in the market.

    Although mostly recyclable, much plastic packaging is put to waste and poses many environmental problems — waste, soil, and air pollution, negative impact on human health, and threats to oceans and wildlife. Because of this, many businesses have been switching to recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging needs to contribute less to the growing packaging waste problem worldwide.

    Storopack has devised a system to reclaim post-consumer material from the US consumer and create plastic products, including air pillows and bubble wrap, utilizing a minimum of 50% post-consumer plastic. The other 50% of these products are made from post-industrial waste, making this the first 100% recycled plastic packaging line that includes a minimum of 50% post-consumer material.

    Recycled and recyclable materials also benefit business operations, providing several advantages to their users. For instance, eco-friendly packaging helps save the environment, is cost-efficient, and improves brand image.

    Benefits of Recycled and Recyclable Products in Businesses

    While recycled and recyclable products are mainly favored for their environmental benefits — such as increased sustainability and less carbon footprint, harmful toxins, and landfill waste — they can also positively impact businesses. Below are some benefits of eco-friendly packaging for your business:

    Offers Versatility

    Recycled and recyclable packaging can be used in various applications. Aside from serving as a wrap, they are also used as fillers to protect products inside their packaging.

    Improves Brand Image

    When a business presents itself as an environmentally-responsible company, it creates trust within the customer base. Through this, the company achieves an enhanced brand image, which leads to more consumers patronizing its products. Taking consumer waste out of landfills and making it useful again in packaging products is our company’s way of giving back to the environment.

    Expands Customer Base

    Customers often choose companies who adhere to sustainable practices and goals. Using recycled and recyclable packaging would attract more consumers with the same advocacy.

    Recycled and Recyclable Products at Cougar Packaging Solutions

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we understand how crucial it is to promote sustainability, as environmental degradation is a global problem. Due to this, we developed products made of post-consumer and post-industrial materials to help reduce businesses’ environmental impact.

    Our recycled and recyclable products include the following:

    Fun Pak Loose Fill

    These are compostable, plant-based fillers that are shock-resistant and used to block and brace products inside packaging boxes.


    This product is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble cushions that provide exceptional, robust, and long-lasting protective features.


    This plant-based wrap is an alternative to bubble wrapping. It protects products from scratches, shock, and damage during shipment and transport, and it is compostable as well.


    This fully compostable cushion delivers optimal blocking and bracing with superior shock and vibration absorption.


    These corrugated containers incorporate plastic from recycled water bottles. Eco-Crates can meet International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) or American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) shipping standards.

    Paper Void Fill

    Paper void fills are a more practical choice for shipping sharp and heavy objects. These are additional protective padding placed between the item and the shipping box and comes in different varieties — Storopack’s PAPERplus® Cushioning Systems, PAPERplus® Classic, PAPERplus® Shooter, PAPERplus® Papillon.

    Air Pillows

    This eco-friendly alternative to paper wrapping and styrofoam peanuts offers excellent protection from shock for fragile and lightweight products. It comes in two variants — AIRplus® and AIRmove². All air pillow equipment can be configured to meet your needs with tabletop and overhead options.

    Get Your Recycled and Recyclable Packaging Materials From Cougar!

    We at Cougar Packaging Solutions have committed to providing exceptional products and services to our clients. With our 50 years of industrial packaging experience, we acquired deep and broad problem-solving expertise to deliver excellent but cost-effective packaging solutions to our customers.

    Contact us today to learn more about our developments!

  10. PAPERbubble: A Natural Wrapping for Perfect Protection

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    Products are vulnerable to damage and deformation during the shipping process. Because of this, manufacturers use protective wraps like bubble cushions to keep items in perfect condition while in transit. Bubble cushions are clean, flexible, lightweight air cushioning materials typically made from plastics. Their primary purpose is to minimize damage when storing, packing, or shipping goods.

    Drawbacks of Using Bubble Cushions

    Although widely used in the packing industry, using bubble cushions has some disadvantages, including the following:

    • Contains Toxins: The plastic polymer used to create bubble cushions is extremely toxic to the environment.
    • Clogs Up Landfills: Bubble cushions take up a significant volume of landfill space and take hundreds of years to decompose.
    • Takes Up Big Storage Space: For manufacturers, storing bubble cushions is a practical and ecological nightmare. Since most of their component is air, bubble cushions are challenging to keep as they consume considerable storage space.
    • Flammable: When a fire occurs, bubble cushions can act as an accelerant that throws bursts of oxygen into the fire.


    Due to these disadvantages, many companies switched to alternative packaging solutions that are safe for the environment.

    Cougar Packaging Solutions offers various sustainable packaging materials that can be applied for different purposes! One is Storopack’s PAPERbubble, an environmentally friendly option that delivers optimum performance and quality.

    PAPERbubble Applications

    PAPERbubble is a protective packaging solution made of natural materials like paper and air. Unlike bubble cushions, this natural packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, as it lessens the need for primary raw materials and fossil resources.

    Manufacturers can utilize PAPERbubble to wrap products and fill voids inside crates and boxes to safely ship and deliver goods to their consumers. This packaging option offers the same exceptional, powerful, and long-lasting protective properties as traditional bubble cushioning without the environmental risks posed by plastic packaging. This makes PAPERbubble ideal for companies that practice sustainability measures in their operations.

    With its 23″ width x 15″ length perforated paper sheets, PAPERbubble is the perfect choice to wrap and cushion delicate materials like cosmetics, electronic components, and other online mail-order goods.

    Why Use PAPERbubble for Your Packaging Needs?

    PAPERbubble comes in a specialized box with 300 paper sheets that are easily dispensible and ready to use. Thus, manufacturers no longer need complex machinery to dispense packaging wraps, making the process user-friendly and cost-efficient. PAPERbubble is also perfect as a packing void fill that protects items from shock and vibrations during shipment.

    Moreover, this packaging solution adds a sleek and impressive appearance to products in the shipping carton. This gives customers a positive and memorable unpacking experience.

    Packaging Solutions From Cougar

    At Cougar Packaging Solutions, sustainability is not a hindrance but a driver of success! We are committed to bringing superior-quality eco-friendly products to positively contribute to protecting and conserving our planet and natural resources. Cougar also ensures that we partner with brands with the same sustainability goal.

    With this advocacy in mind, we have meticulously curated a kaleidoscope of custom packaging solutions, products, supplies, and services for the past 50 years! Our capabilities and the team’s problem-solving expertise allowed us to provide the best packaging solutions to exceed customer expectations.

    Contact us to learn more about our innovative solutions. Our competent team would be delighted to assist you in creating the perfect custom packaging solutions for your business needs!

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