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What Are the Benefits of Air Pillows?


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Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly interested in sustainability. Air pillows are a cost-effective way to reduce the growing amount of packaging waste inherent to e-commerce without sacrificing packaging reliability. Compared to alternatives like paper wrapping and styrofoam peanuts, versatile packing air pillows result in far less waste generation, reduce packing material storage needs for business owners, and have a lesser impact on the environment. Read on to learn more about the advantages of air pillows as a high-performance packaging method.

Minimal Waste and Energy Consumption

Paper is a common packaging option because it is cheap and plentiful, but this material tends to have a one-time-use life cycle, meaning that, at best, it makes its way to a recycling center after one packing application. More often, it ends up in a landfill. Compared to paper, packing air pillows generate 99% less waste, which, in addition to being environmentally friendly, equates to cost savings. Also, in bulk, paper is not a light material. Its use has the unpleasant side effect of increasing freight costs and energy expenditures for its transportation. In addressing these issues, air pillows have become an increasingly popular packing solution.

Reduced Material Usage and Storage Needs

When you consider their construction, air cushions are almost entirely air, yet they still offer supreme protection for packaged goods. They are ideal for bracing, blocking, interleaving, protecting corners, and more to eliminate any dead space in a box, all while requiring little material. Alternately, styrofoam packing peanuts utilize 99% more material in comparison, and they are more expensive. As manufacturers store thin-film packaging on rolls and then inflate the pillows on demand, air pillows also require significantly less storage space. Once again, this has a positive impact on your budget in regard to warehousing costs.


When it comes to environmental-friendliness concerns, air pillows are the clear choice. They are highly recyclable and certain varieties can be compostable, as well. A responsible consumer can easily deflate and recycle the small pieces of film that remain once the pillow has served its purpose, or they can reuse them for another packaging application. Either way, air pillows reduce the burden on landfills. As for shipping costs, air pillows do not add any significant weight to a package, reducing energy consumption for their transportation.

Ideal Alternative to Styrofoam

Using little more than air itself, air pillows enable you to package your products more efficiently and affordably while minimizing waste for consumers and reducing harmful environmental effects. Styrofoam peanuts are messy, bulky, and can break up into bits or degrade, making it bothersome for consumers to use and dispose of them. Also, if they shift during transit, their effectiveness decreases. Air pillows are a highly versatile and efficient packaging method that conforms to the product, an advantage not offered by packing peanuts.

Air Pillows From Cougar Packaging Solutions

Reducing waste and costs by leveraging inventive ways to package products helps businesses stay competitive and strengthen their brand in the eyes of consumers. At Cougar Packaging Solutions, we have 50 years of expertise as a distributor of high-quality packing supplies and equipment. Our team is committed to innovation, and we offer a variety of industrial packing options to our customers with a focus on accountability and efficiency. The air pillow packing solutions we provide for securing your product during transit include:

  • AIRplus®. Reliable AIRplus® technology from Storopack provides optimal protection and shock resistance for fragile products, with four film types available. Easy to incorporate into existing packaging operations, AIRplus® reduces storage needs, allowing you to produce pillows in various shapes right at the packing station. We offer a range of AIRplus® products, such as AIRplus Void, AIRplus Cushion, AIRplus Bubble, AIRplus Wrap, and AIRplus CX or ESD film.
  • AIRmove². For small- to medium-sized packaging operations, AIRmove² features quick-start functionality for fast filling, providing a film output of 10 meters per minute at the push of a button or foot pedal. Its roll angle enables you to quickly and easily insert and extract the film, and its heat-sealing unit and cutting system further enable fast packaging. You can choose from void, cushion, or bubble formats to ensure that your packaging conforms exactly to each product.


Our goal is to be a single-source provider for your industrial packaging needs, working with you to enhance your operations and reduce costs. Contact us today to learn more about how air pillows from Cougar Packaging can support your business.