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When packaged items are in transit, the shifting and moving increase the likelihood of damage. To prevent this from happening and keep the integrity of products, packages are kept intact with different types of paddings; one of these is called paper void fill. Paper void fill, also referred to as void fill, is a type of filler material used to secure products by filling empty spaces in shipping boxes or containers.

In this article, we will discuss the applications and benefits of paper void fill and the various paper filling systems available in Cougar Packaging Solutions.

When Do You Need Paper Void Fill?

Like other packaging paddings, paper void fill has many applications, from heavy to light products. This packaging paper is well suited for e-commerce applications, especially for eco-conscious businesses and consumers looking for a recyclable and more sustainable alternative to other fillings.

Here are a few other applications of paper void fill:

  • Addition of protective padding between the item and the cardboard box when shipping goods
  • Prevention of movement and sliding of goods during the shipping process
  • Wrapping of glasses, ceramics, and other fragile items when storing or transporting goods
  • Enhancement of unboxing experience for consumers
  • Improvement of aesthetic purposes when assembling a package or a gift box

What Are the Benefits of Paper Void Fill Packaging?

Void fill provides several advantages for packaging companies. First, its semi-course surface reduces movement within the package, preventing valuables from being damaged or broken. It is also ideal for long-distance deliveries where the package is likely to be managed by multiple people and organizations.

Compared to air pillows, paper void fill is also a more practical option when shipping heavy or sharp objects. The paper packaging alternative is more versatile and less fragile, making it suitable for a wide range of products. Pointed tips can pierce air pillows, releasing the air and rendering the padding useless, and heavier items could flatten air pillows and cause them to burst.

Paper void fill is one of the most recyclable materials available compared to plastic packaging. Although plastic may be recycled a limited number of times, air pillows are almost exclusively used for packaging, while void fill can be reused for purposes other than basic filling. Some other advantages of using paper packaging are that it is lightweight, easy to store, and inexpensive.

Storopack’s PAPERplus® Cushioning Systems

Cougar Packaging Solutions use Storopack’s PAPERplus® paper cushioning, which provides all-around perfect protection for your packaged goods. Storopack offers a diverse range of systems that produce the proper packaging padding for every application. Their solutions can be used alone or in combination with existing packaging systems.

PAPERplus® Classic

The PAPERplus® Classic paper cushioning system is an excellent choice for heavy-weight products. Heavy items can be safely restricted, braced in cartons, and cushioned with paper pads and two-ply paper.

PAPERplus® Shooter

The PAPERplus® Shooter converts single-layer kraft paper into multi-layer paper cushioning, which you can use to fill cartons and block and brace products. It can produce up to 3.7 m. of paper cushioning in a second. In addition, customers can seamlessly integrate the PAPERplus® Shooter into their existing packing processes, creating piece cushioning directly at the packing station.

PAPERplus® Papillon

The unique, patented shape of PAPERplus® Papillon system’s paper cushioning offers superior protection for small to medium-sized shipping goods. It is also ideal for filling spaces and wrapping products due to its high volume at a low weight.

Having Trouble With Your Packaging Needs?

What’s beneficial to the environment is also helpful to businesses. Paper void fill is a simple, sustainable, and effective method of filling empty spaces in a shipping box to ensure the safety of your goods.

Cougar Packaging Solutions has carefully curated a diverse range of industrial packaging solutions, products, services, and supplies over the last 50 years. Our industrial packaging expertise has allowed us to foster many successful partnerships by demonstrating our ability to reduce our customers’ costs and improve their performance. With our team’s deep and broad problem-solving expertise, we create the best and most innovative packaging solutions!

Our experts can assist your company in creating a functional and efficient packaging facility in your warehouses. Contact us today to learn more about our void fill solutions.

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